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Why I use Prismic CMS for my Website Portfolio and Blog

Prismic is a self-hosted headless CMS which allows you to use their API to fetch your data making it easy to use. Self-hosted makes it even easier due to not having to go out and find someone to host your content since Prismic will do all that for you.


Hashing and Comparing Passwords With bcrypt in Node.js

If you have wanted to integrate user authorisation into your web app you have most certainly been wanting to know how to hash passwords stored in your database for increased security. I will show you how bcrypt in Node.js can save the day by hashing and comparing passwords!

getStaticProps and getStaticPaths in Next.js


Static Site Generation in Next.js

Static Site Generation (SSG) is one the great ways in which we can generate webpages in Next.js. This comes with 2 great functions we can use called 'getStaticProps' and 'getStaticPaths'.

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What is Node.js and Should I Learn it in 2021?

Node.js is a JavaScript runtime which uses the Chrome V8 JavaScript engine. JavaScript is a client-side language which primarily relies on the browser to interpret and run the code.

Object-oriented programming explained


What is Object-oriented Programming?

Object-oriented programming is a programming paradigm that uses Objects to create applications. These objects can have data about a certain aspect of the program in the form of a property and methods that can perform actions.

Next.js and Tailwind CSS


Tailwind CSS With Next.js

Tailwind CSS has been my go to for some time now due to how much I love the ease of use when it comes to creating good looking and responsive web applications.

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Why I Love Using Next.js

Next.js has been my saviour when it comes to building web application for production. It has been my go to when creating a new React.js project and I haven't touched create-react-app since!

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Functions in JavaScript

A function in simple terms is a process put in place to complete a task. This can be as simple as a function that adds two numbers together!



Coping with Overwhelm when Learning to Code

My best practices when it comes to dealing with overwhelm is taking breaks and writing down a plan.