Louie Richardson

Software Developer


I am a passionate individual always wanting to learn more about software engineering and computer science. I consider myself a quick learner always setting out challenges to learn different programming concepts and to find a more efficient way of solving problems.

Coding is my passion and I have made it my mission to become an expert in this field. I have been developing my skills and building up a portfolio to showcase my knowledge for developing efficient web applications.

I love both front-end and back-end development, using technologies like React.js and Node.js to build full stack applications.

I am on the lookout for a web development position to kickstart my career, working with a team to tackle problems.




Forumly is a forum style web application which uses Next.js, CSS, Node.js, MySQL on AWS.

It is hosted on Vercel due to the great compatibility with Next.js.

This was a really fun project to work on because I wanted to work with Node.js to develop efficient API endpoints whilst creating CRUD functionality. This led to improving my knowledge about how middleware works in API routes, such as validating the user before allowing to proceed with a API request.

CryptoCrunch Price Tracker
CryptoCrunch Price Tracker

CryptoCrunch is a cryptocurrency price tracker. It is designed to allow users to register to log their transactions and make a list of their favourite cryptocurrencies!

It uses Next.js, Tailwindcss, Vercel hosting, and Firebase for the database and user authentication.

The cryptocurrency data is being fetched from the CoinGecko API.

Personal Portfolio
Personal Portfolio

I built my portfolio with Next.js, Tailwindcss, Prismic CMS, and Vercel hosting.

I used these technologies to create a fast and good-looking portfolio to show off my projects I am working on. Next.js was used to reap the benefits of server-side rendering to enhance SEO for my blog posts as they are picked up nicely by Google web crawlers.

Prismic CMS was used because of the clean and fast interface they provide to help me upload my content such as blog posts and project information.


Lauryn.uk was created with Next.js, Tailwindcss, Prismic CMS and Vercel hosting.

Lauryn wanted a portfolio made to showcase her university work so I implemented Prismic CMS to store her University projects, and her blog posts.

I chose React as the front-end framework because it is great for speed and component creation such as the blog post panel.

Prismic CMS was used to allow her to upload her work and blog posts with ease and not having to ever touch the code.


Or you can get in touch with me at louie.richardson99@gmail.com