My Coding Journey So Far...

If you like me and love reading about peoples coding journeys, then this might be of interest to you.

I started learning to code in the middle of August 2020 while on a holiday away to France.

I was doing website design beforehand but felt very limited and wanted to create stuff that would require a lot more than a simple web builder could make, since that is all I could use.

I was in a rut and wanted to expand my horizons...

I looked into coding because I love the idea of building and creating new things that other people can use and benefit from in some way.

I started with HTML since I am a visual learner and I like to see visually what I am creating. With a couple HTML videos and freeCodeCamp tutorials later I was confident in myself that I could produce a high quality 'Hello World' paragraph element to display on my screen!

This is where I started to fall in love with coding because I loved the feeling of being able to make something, no matter how simple or complex it was.

I used freeCodeCamp mainly to learn HTML and CSS since their resources were superb for a beginner like me. However, I still get stuck aligning a div every now and then!

With this knowledge I was creating little web pages and constantly making new index.html files to create and learn new CSS tricks like grid and flexbox.

Next in line to complete the perfect trio was JavaScript. I picked up a great Udemy course by Jonas Schmedtmann called 'The Complete JavaScript Course 2020: From Zero to Expert!'.

I loved this course and It introduced so many new concepts to me as I could now say I officially know parts of a programming language! With this knowledge I started to create little web apps like a calculator and todo list. It helped me so much to learn new concepts when I thought of a project to make and dived in the deep end and started making it as quickly as possible.

This is where I started to learn Figma to design my little web applications so I can bring some structure into my mind of what I was actually going to build.

I designed my portfolio on there which I was really proud of but still isn't complete to this day since I am focusing on building my top 3 projects to showcase.

Anyway, back to the journey...

This part of the journey was when I started to realise how crucial it is to nail that first programming language like JavaScript because If I didn't have the fundamentals in place, then I would get very stressed out at a later date and I sure did!

The frustration came when I was feeling great and then started to learn React since the React job market is currently hot in my area. I realised at this point when trying to learn React that I haven't nailed the ES6 concepts and It was starting to show when it came to making React applications.

I kept asking myself the same questions like how to use an arrow function or how to structure a Class. So I went back to the drawing board and laid off React for a bit to start to learn more ES6 so I could feel a lot more confident in myself when I came back to React at a later date.

So, a great lesson I learnt is to master the basics!

This is where MySQL appears in my journey. MySQL was always on my mind since I loved the idea of creating databases and storing data in structured tables.

To help with my MySQL learning phase I am using yet another Udemy course. This one is called 'The Ultimate MySQL Bootcamp: Go from SQL Beginner to Expert' by Colt Steele.

Colt is a great teacher and funnily enough out of the the many Udemy courses his looks like the only one which I am close to finishing!

I will continue to learn from Colt for the next couple weeks where I will then introduce Node.js into my stack to create API's which will be a very fun topic!

Everyone's journey will differ but this is my journey and I am glad I have shared it with you.

Let me know what your journey looks like, I would love to know! :)

Take care.

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