Mistakes I Made When First Trying To Learn Code

I have sure done my fair share of mistakes when trying to learn to code and here a few I can recall.

When first starting to learn coding back in 2018 but I failed massively. I thought I was doing everything right in the moment but looking back at it I took the wrong approach which lead to giving up and not coming back for a couple years.

Python was the first programming language I attempted and that was through the help of a Udemy course I picked up. Now, here's where things went downhill... I thought learning to code was just like learning any subject from the days of school. Just sit down, write notes and read them?

This learning technique failed tremendously for me.

I was taking the wrong steps in order to learn new concepts. I wasn't coding along and making my own little side projects to solidify my knowledge of new languages and concepts.

Looking back on this I feel stupid to why I thought this would work, but hey we learn from our mistakes right?

Take your time to master the fundamentals of a language and they will apply to the other languages down the line.

I believe another reason to why Python didn't work the first time was because I have come to realise I am a visual learner and I love to see what I am making. With Python you don't visually see what you are making compared to a front-end language like JavaScript. Hence why I love JavaScript and has such a great friendly community surrounding it! 😁

Fast forward 2 years to August 2020 when I attempted to learn code again. This time I started with HTML and CSS which was a great introduction since I could write code and see the results instantly on the screen! I have made a previous blog post about my entire journey so far so you can read it here .

The key takeaways from this are to find your learning style. Mine is to use a Udemy course when wanting to learn a new language or technology to get me going. Once I have got to a point when I take over I start to make little projects using the new concepts I have just learnt. This is the learning technique that I use and that works for me but it may differ greatly for you.

freeCodeCamp and Codecademy are great places to start since they have great interactive lessons which guide you along in the right direction when first wanting to learn how to code.

I hope this helps!

Take care.

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