Coping with Overwhelm when Learning to Code


Hello friends,

I have been learning so many new concepts and technologies recently it feels like a never ending road to landing my first development job.

Sometimes I wonder if it would be easier to build a rocket!

My best practices when it comes to dealing with overwhelm is taking breaks and writing down a plan. To avoid burnout I like to take a full day off coding at least once a week to do other things like reading a book or playing Zelda on my Nintendo Switch.

Burnout is amazing at creeping up on you and making you crash all of a sudden. I have got better at spotting the early signs like being less motivated to code and if I do code its only for short periods of time.

When I get into this state I always just take a full day off because it is much better to take a whole day or two off than code 10 minutes here and there.

When it comes to writing a plan to keep on track of my learning I like to use Notion. It has become a great tool for my productivity but also my life in general. It can be used for brain dumps which is the act of just letting everything out on paper or digitally. It's a way of being able to clear the mind and see your thoughts visually. You will find that you can overthink a lot sometimes and it's best to see it all on paper.

Making use of this process will really help you stay sharp and focused on the end result.

I am going to start using Notion to write about concepts to really solidify the concept in my mind. I will use the Feynman technique which is great at being able to understand how well you really know something.

Figma can also be a great tool to use because there are plugins which make it very easy to make a map of your development journey to keep you on track when the overwhelm or burnout starts to kick in.

I hope this helps! :)

Take care.

Image credit: Sebastian Herrmann

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